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Hours and Directions






Sunday... 2pm-8pm


Closed on Wednesday 7/5


Closed all major holidays


We are a small, family owned business. Occasionally, we sell our ice cream at community events and must close the store. We do our best to keep regular business hours, and we will always post on our web site and on our answering machine when our hours will be different than usual. It's always wise to call ahead and make sure we're open.

Our Locations

We are located at 3450 Adams Avenue in the Normal Heights neighborhood of San Diego. Our Ice Cream is also carried by some other fine establishments in San Diego County, you can find links to them below the map.

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Imagine driving up the coast and having an urge to eat some Mariposa Ice Cream and you realize that you forgot to pack it in your cooler! Out of luck? Or perhaps you're traveling up the 15 and you need a waffle cone stuffed full of your favorite flavor. Never fear, there are options!

First off way up the 15 is the new Mariposa Ice Cream Temecula check out the map HERE Or go to their Website HERE.


Give us a call 619-284-5197
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